I TEAM: exclusive video of search after infant kidnapped during carjacking

CLEVELAND - The FOX 8 I TEAM has obtained exclusive Cleveland Police video showing the panic and eventually the relief after a frantic citywide search for an infant.

Last November, a thief stole an SUV that had been left running with a 4-month-old and a 9-year-old alone inside the vehicle. It happened as the baby’s mom ran into a store on East 116. The police body camera video has just been released to the I TEAM.

The nine-year-old managed to jump out of the SUV, but the baby, of course, was helpless. Eventually, the thief dropped the infant on a stranger’s porch and sped away.

The body camera video shows the mother’s desperation and fear even as police tell her every officer available is searching. She can be heard saying, "My baby's still strapped in his seatbelt. I hope he don't do nothing to my baby."

Mom admits it all started because she left the kids in the car with the engine running, but she says, there’s usually an officer at that store, so she didn’t think twice about it.

A short period seemed like hours before police got the call about the child left on the porch. A woman there told police she thought she heard the mailman only to discover a stranger’s baby.

The mother told the I TEAM, "But it was definitely a lesson learned. I will never leave my keys in my car and my kids so..."

Police did question one suspect, but no one has ever faced charges for what happened. It remains an unsolved mystery with a message for all parents.