Suspected police impersonator pulling over drivers

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PERKINS TOWNSHIP, Ohio- A police impersonator targeting women behind the wheel has police in one Erie County community putting drivers on notice.

"If this person does make another stop we don't know how far they will take it," said Perkins Township Police Chief Robb Parthemore.

Police say the man pulled over two women so far, who happen to be related to an officer at a nearby department.

However, they say the stops appear to be random.

"He noticed there was an FOP emblem on the license plate of this car; he approached the driver of this car, and he approached the driver and said, 'I'm sorry; I didn't notice,'" the chief said.

The women, who recently filed reports about their encounters late last month, provided a thorough description of the suspect.

According to a police report, the impersonator is described as a white male between 28-32 years of age, roughly 5'6" with sandy brown hair. At this time, the man was driving an unmarked Charger with blue emergency lights in the grill and window.

The report states he was wearing a plain black jacket and gray uniform shirt with no tie, no hat, and a nylon duty belt with leather gear attached. The duty belt included a portable radio, stainless semi auto handgun with gray grips, cuff case in front of duty belt and hinged cuffs.

"We don't know what their motive is. We don't know if their intentions are to just act as a police officer when they're not or if they're going to try to cause harm to someone," said Chief Parthemore.

Police say what makes the incidents so alarming is they cannot pinpoint where this man is located and don't know what he's planning to do when he pulls over the next driver. Police suspect there are more victims in the area who may not realize they were pulled over by a fake officer.

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