Getting excited for roller coaster season? Cedar Point shows you progress on Steel Vengeance

SANDUSKY, Ohio -- Just a few months until Cedar Point opens, and doesn't that just get you excited for warmer weather?

The popular amusement park in Sandusky gave an update on Facebook on its new ride: Steel Vengeance.

The park says construction progress continues as crews begin to install the lift chain trough and brakes.

The record-breaking ride is the tallest, fastest and longest hybrid coaster in the world, and will reach speeds of up to 74 mph.

At more than 200 feet tall, the amusement park says the new hybrid design combines a steel running track on a massive wooden structure that provides an extremely smooth and comfortable ride while enabling the coaster’s trains to perform maneuvers previously unheard of on a wooden roller coaster.

Cedar Point said on its website that the new coaster will be debuted during Steel Vengeance World Premiere Weekend on Saturday, May 5; and Sunday, May 6.

The entire park will be open too, and Cedar Point said the coaster's grand opening celebration will include new food and beverages, new LIVE entertainment, and giveaways.

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