‘In a better place’: 9-year-old writes the most heartwarming letter to teacher who lost beloved dog

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SCOTLAND — An elementary school teacher who lost her beloved dog was given a heartwarming note by one of her students, and it’s gone viral.

TODAY reports that Gemma Dunnel lost her 18-month old golden retriever, Charlie, over the weekend due to an inoperable tumor.

When she returned to school the following Monday, her class could tell she was sad. Her class was upset as well.

“I could see my students, they looked a wee bit upset because they could tell I was upset,” Dunne told TODAY. “I felt I had to tell them. They knew Charlie because I had talked about him so often and they had seen so many photos and videos.”

One student, 9-year-old Callum, gave her the best surprise at the end of the school day in an attempt to cheer her up.

“To be honest, I just wanted to get through the end of the day at the time,” Dunne told TODAY. “It was only when I got home, I read it to my family and the tears came.”

Her daughter posted photos of the note on Twitter, and it’s since gone viral.

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