Jackson Township police give update on student who fatally shot self on campus

JACKSON TOWNSHIP, Ohio - Jackson Township Police Chief Mark Brink is holding a press conference to address the continuing investigation into the student who fatally shot himself inside a school.

The Summit County Medical Examiner's office has released the name of the student who shot himself inside Jackson Middle School Tuesday.

13-year-old Keith Simons of Jackson Township died Wednesday, February 21 at Children's Medical Center in Akron.

The seventh-grader arrived at the school by bus at about 7:50 a.m. Tuesday.  Jackson Township Police Chief Mark Brink said Simons went directly into a school restroom and used a 22-caliber long gun to shoot himself.

The Jackson Township Fire Department took the boy to a hospital.

Brink said there was one gun, and officers discovered other items in the boy's backpack.

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Ann Domeck February 21, 20184:35 pm

Chief: staff of Jackson Local schools did unbelievable job yesterday

Ann Domeck February 21, 20184:36 pm

Part of the delay in getting the students reunited with parents was on the police dept.

We had a protocol to go through and we were going to make sure that every student was safe

Ann Domeck February 21, 20184:37 pm

The coroner has announced that Keith Simons passed away this afternoon. Our investigation will continue. Still in process of learning what he had done that morning. 

Ann Domeck February 21, 20184:37 pm

This investigation will take a long time. We have electronics, phones to go through to find out what he was planning yesterday

Ann Domeck February 21, 20184:38 pm

He concealed the rifle under his clothes. That is how he got it into school. He did ride the school bus. No one noticed anything. 

Ann Domeck February 21, 20184:38 pm

There have been a number of social media complaints, misinformation, etc out there. Detectives have been following up on every lead possible to make sure students were safe today.

Ann Domeck February 21, 20184:38 pm

There were extra officers in all schools today.

Ann Domeck February 21, 20184:39 pm

We will continue to monitor security procedures to keep students safe.

At the end of the day, we have a grieving family. We want to give them a chance to mourn and continue investigation.

Ann Domeck February 21, 20184:40 pm

the gun came from the mother’s house. Its ownership is not known yet.

Ann Domeck February 21, 20184:40 pm

We are still analyzing what was in the backpack. Some bottlerockets, batteries. Nothing to make anyone believe that he had a bomb. Bomb is NOT correct.

Ann Domeck February 21, 20184:41 pm

He did have some ammo in the backpack. 

We cannot find anyone who even had any idea of what was going on with Keith yesterday.