Student who shot self at Jackson Memorial Middle School had ‘distractionary-type devices’

JACKSON TOWNSHIP, Ohio-- Authorities provided an update after a student shot himself at school in Stark County.

The seventh-grade student arrived at Jackson Memorial Middle School by bus at about 7:50 a.m. Tuesday. Jackson Township Police Chief Mark Brink said the student went directly into a school restroom and used a 22-caliber long gun to shoot himself.

The Jackson Township Fire Department took the boy to a hospital. His condition is not known at this time.

Brink said there was one gun, but officers discovered other items in the boy's backpack.

"We believe what we have found to be just some distractionary-type devices, but nothing anything that would be explosive that would have done harm to others," Brink said. He said it was not a bomb.

"Something that you could distract people with for whatever reason," Brink said. "To me, a distraction device is something that's going to smoke, make a bang and, you know, take your attentions somewhere else."

Multiple law enforcement sources told the FOX 8 I-Team earlier in the day that there were explosives in the backpack.

Brink said K-9 units searched Jackson Memorial Middle School, but no other devices were found. Investigators do not know the student's motives, how he got the gun or how he brought it into the school.

The student's home was also searched.

Jackson Local Schools Superintendent Christopher DiLoreto said there are not metal detectors at the building.

The district's four elementary schools were closed on Tuesday, and students at the middle school and high school were dismissed early. All Jackson Local Schools extracurricular activities are canceled for the day.

DiLoreto said reuniting students with their parents was a time-consuming process.

"It was imperative that with 1,400 students that we wanted to make sure we got that process right. When we were releasing students, we made sure that we were releasing them to the appropriate adult," DiLoreto said.

Jen Steer February 20, 20182:01 pm

7:50 a.m. the student arrived by bus and went directly into a restroom. He used a long gun and has a self-inflicted wound. He was taken to the hospital by the fire department.

Jen Steer February 20, 20182:02 pm

Police say they do not know the boy’s intentions. 

Jen Steer February 20, 20182:02 pm

Almost all of the children have been returned to their parents.

Jen Steer February 20, 20182:04 pm

School officials say it was a time-consuming process to ensure all students were released to their parents.

Jen Steer February 20, 20182:06 pm

Jackson Township police say they found “distractionary” devices. The chief won’t comment on what that means or specifics.

Jen Steer February 20, 20182:07 pm

Police would not say how the student got the gun into the school. That’s still under investigation.

Jen Steer February 20, 20182:08 pm

There are no metal detectors at Jackson Memorial Middle School.

Jen Steer February 20, 20182:10 pm

Jackson Township police say they found “distractionary” devices. The chief says it was not a bomb. “Something that will make some smoke, make a bang.”

Jen Steer February 20, 20182:11 pm

Police say it was a 22 caliber long gun.

Jen Steer February 20, 20182:12 pm

Police say they are working to find how the student got the gun.