Fergie blasted for ‘awful’ rendition of national anthem

LOS ANGELES — Fergie’s rendition of the national anthem before Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game certainly was memorable — but for all the wrong reasons.

The performance was described as jazzy and sexy — two words not often used with the Star Spangled Banner.

Sports writer Molly Knight said it was performed “in the key of ‘Happy Birthday Mr. President.'”

Knight followed up her tweet by writing, “People think I am dragging Fergie but I have never been so entertained during an anthem. We do not deserve her.”

Comedian Johnny Taylor, Jr. tweeted that if Fergie was going for “‘My friends drunk mom acting sexy’ she nailed it.”

Some people even compared Fergie’s performance to Carl Lewis’ performance ahead of the NBA Finals back in 1993. That performance has been called one of the worst in history.

LeBron James handpicked his team and carried to to victory in a 148-145 win over “Team Stephen.”