Two arrested in assault of Cleveland animal control officer

Matthew Timoch (left) and Douglas Spoden (Photo courtesy: Cleveland police)

UPDATE April 3: The city prosecutor declined to charge Douglas Spoden, according to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office.

CLEVELAND– A Cleveland animal control officer is recovering from a broken leg after he was assaulted by two men, police say.

The Cleveland City Kennel received a complaint about a barking dog that had been left outside a house on Spring Road on Thursday.

An animal control officer went to investigate and issued the owner a warning. According to the police report, that’s when the officer was surrounded by several people.

The dog’s owner, 41-year-old Matthew Timoch, punched the officer in the head and knocked him off the porch, the police report said. The victim broke his leg, but was able to put the Timoch in a choke hold so he could radio police for help.

A second man, 49-year-old Douglas Spoden, ran up to the officer and tried to kick him in the face, the report said.

Cleveland police officers arrived and arrested Timoch and Spoden for felonious assault.

The victim was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center for treatment.