I-Team learns of new push by some Ohio lawmakers to protect schools

The FOX 8 I-Team has learned of a new push by some Ohio lawmakers to require schools statewide to do more than ever to prepare for a gunman coming into schools.

State Representative Adam Miller is leading the drive behind a new bill requiring every school to hold training drills with police, practicing what to do when someone’s shooting in the school. The bill also calls for hiring emergency response planners all over the state to work with groups of schools.

While the bill has been pending in an Ohio House committee, it is getting new attention in light of the deadly school shooting this week in Florida.

Miller believes police, kids, teachers, janitors and everyone should know what to do in an active shooter situation without thinking twice. He said, "So we will become very difficult targets for anyone contemplating something.” He added, "We'll continue the fire drills. We'll continue the tornado drills. But we need to know that the students know what to do and when to do it when there is an active shooter."

And more to all this than simply protecting buildings. Some state lawmakers will also soon push a plan to have school districts work with the National Guard on cyber security. That is, preventing attacks on school district computer systems.

Ohio already is ahead of many other states requiring schools to prepare for an active shooter or other crisis. But the new proposal even refers to preschool programs and day cares.

Some districts struggle to pay teachers and buy books. State Rep. Miller says the state will kick in money to help cover the cost.

One grandmother we met says she believes it’s worth it. A mother picking up her teen told us she believes it’s needed.

Hearings on the bill before the House are expected soon. A bill regarding cyber-security is expected to be introduced soon.

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