Winter thaw exposes Cleveland streets riddled with potholes

CLEVELAND - The break in snow and ice is exposing the pothole problem across Cleveland, as drivers say they're risking their safety to dodge massive craters.

A Fox 8 camera was rolling as drivers weaved in and out of the lane for oncoming traffic along the bridge at West 53rd near Walworth. Potholes there are so deep you can see the exposed steel under the road. It's a sight driver Anthony Montoney did not see until too late.

"I was coming up this road - right where this white truck is the hole he went around - and my front driver-side tire went into the hole and a piece of rebar sliced it open," said Montoney.

Tuesday, crews from the Cleveland Division of Streets worked to pave potholes on dozens of city streets, but for some frustrated drivers the work is not happening fast enough.

"You catch a pothole, you hit a pothole, bust your tires, your shocks, your springs. It's been like this for a long time now," said driver Michael Kerr about the series of potholes near Western and W. 98th Street.

According to the city of Cleveland's website, drivers can file a claim if there is damage to your vehicle. However, a disclaimer states the city is not responsible for pothole damages if they had no prior knowledge of the pothole and the chance to fix the problem.

To file a claim click here.