Video shows puppy just after rescue from freezing water

DAYTONA BEACH, Florida — It’s a happy ending for a puppy pulled from the freezing waters beneath a Florida bridge.

The Daytona Beach Police Department posted video on Facebook that shows the puppy moments after she was rescued.

Two animal control officers, John Pearson and James Lee, can be seen holding the puppy up to the car’s heating vent and holding the puppy in a blanket just after the rescue.

“We don’t know how long he’s been outside, but he is freezing,” one of the animal control officers can be heard saying on the video. The officers later learned the puppy was a female.

The puppy, which has been named “River,” was found in the Halifax River beneath the Seabreeze Bridge in mid-January. Temperatures in Florida were below freezing.

“As you know her story ended happily,” the Facebook post reported. “She is safe and sound and very happy in the home of one of our police officers.”

“We really want to thank the person, whoever you are, who called and let DBPD know that River had been left to die…” the post continued.

The puppy was taken to the Halifax Humane Society where it was nursed back to health. That’s where Daytona Beach Police officer Kera Cantrell kept visiting the puppy and fell in love.

“Office Cantrell is now River’s new mom and these are two happy girls!” the police department posted on Facebook.

The department first posted about the rescue back on January 19th.