Teacher looking for owner of little stuffed hippo found in Willoughby

WILLOUGHBY, OH – He is an adorable stuffed animal: a light-blue hippo that may have been in someone’s family for quite some time.

"I was coming this way, going to downtown Willoughby."

It was Sunday around 11 in the morning. Petar Luketina, a student teacher at Maple Heights High School, says he was on his way to a coffee shop in downtown Willoughby, when he made the discovery at the intersection of Ridge Road and Oakdale Avenue.

Petar says, "I noticed something on the ground and I passed by it and I looked out my driver's side window and noticed it was a stuffed animal."

After two minutes of contemplating what to do, Petar says he turned around, got out of the car and placed the hippo on top of a snow pile, hoping someone would return for the toy.

Four hours later he drove back, and it was still there.

"It was kind of a melancholy moment when you pick up something that precious, that could belong to a child,” says Luketina.

He has tried posting on social media to find the owner. Despite thousands of shares,there are still no clues as to the owner.

Petar has been taking good care of the hippo with soap and water and lots of love.

His efforts showthe kindness of a complete stranger who wants to reunite a well-loved toy with its owner.

"I did what I would want others to do for me too."