I TEAM: Pysch Clinic Director has no license – application expired

CLEVELAND - The FOX 8 I TEAM is uncovering more of the story behind the man running the Cuyahoga County Court Psych Clinic even though he has no license.

State records obtained by the I TEAM show Julian Dooley had an application for a license on file for 5 years. But that expired last November. And the records show no evidence Dooley ever took a test toward getting a license.

The Court Psych Clinic evaluates inmates and criminal suspects for competency to stand trial and sanity at the time of the crime and more.

In July, the Court issued a news release announcing Dooley had been promoted to Interim Director. The release said, “Dr. Dooley has been a psychologist in the Clinic since March of 2013.”

However, the state considers a psychologist someone with a license.

Dooley earns $100,306 a year.

We went to court spokesman Darren Toms. He wrote the news release. He points out, Dooley can evaluate clients as long as someone else in the Clinic signs off on his work. When we pressed him about calling Dooley a psychologist, Toms said he couldn’t answer questions about it without talking to Court Administration.

Last week, the Administrative Judge issued a statement saying clients are told in advance of Dooley’s status. And again, a licensed psychologist in the office reviews and approves his work. So, the I TEAM has requested documents showing that.

Defense Attorney Marcus Sidoti expressed concern about a possible impact on justice for suspects. He said, "That could have significant impact on their due process rights. And the outcome of the case. I think it’s something that needs to be looked into."

The Court is doing an internal review. The state is looking into this as well.

Records show Dooley has a Bachelor’s, a Master’s and a Doctor’s degree, all in Psychology. Certainly, he has a background in the field. However, the state requires more than that education before declaring someone a licensed psychologist including a national test and a state test.