‘I Am Dr. King’s Dream’: Selena Smith

As we celebrate Black History Month, we are sharing the words and writings of students from Northeast Ohio.

Here is Selena Smith's message:

"I am living Dr. King's dream because I am attending an incredible school that has opened so many opportunities for me, and it is an extremely diverse school.
I have a diverse set of friends and my family is also diverse.
I don't think my school would have been able to create such a community of students from different backgrounds and beliefs if it were not for Dr. King`s dream.
I am living his dream because I will continue to succeed in my classes, in sports, in college, and in a career after I earn a degree.
I am living his dream because people like me have opportunities that we didn`t have decades ago.
I am living his dream because I am a driven student, and I will go to college."

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