‘I Am Dr. King’s Dream’: Jayda Hamilton

As we celebrate Black History Month, we are sharing the words and writings of students from Northeast Ohio.

Here is Jayda Hamilton's message:

"I am Martin Luther King's dream because I have prevailed in the face of hardships.
I have never let my race deter me from achieving my dreams.
At different times, I have attended both predominantly Caucasian and African-American schools  and I flourished in both.
I opened my heart to anyone, of any race.
I love all of God`s creations because I believe that we are all beautiful and special in our own way.
I've taken advantage of so many educational opportunities because of the actions of Dr. King and others.
I know I am living his dream because people that look like me have opportunities that we didn`t used to have.
I am Martin Luther King's dream because I choose love, not hate."