Good Samaritan helps rescue man who fell on ice: ‘He looked like he was kind of hurting’

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CRESTON, Ohio - Temperatures in Creston Wednesday morning, as across Northeast Ohio, were in the teens with a wind chill in the single digits.

By late morning there was a blanket of snow over the community.

Dan Murray was shoveling the walkways outside of the police department when he says a woman drove up in a car asking for some help.

"The lady stopped and asked me if there's anybody in the office there that could give her some help. There's a man that fell over there," said Murray.

Murray and Creston Police Chief Bryon Meshew followed the woman to the back of a building not far from the police station where they found a man on he ground, propping himself against a wall near a back door.

"He said, what I could hear was, 'Thank God. I'm cold,'" said Murray.

"He looked cold. He looked like he was kind of hurting," he added.

"He was alert, awake, extremely cold and had told me what he had done -- had slipped on some ice and had crawled back five or six feet back to this wall to get as comfortable as he could," said Meshew.

The man told them he slipped and injured himself on a sheet of ice that was concealed underneath the snow.

Meshew says he was not appropriately dressed for the conditions.

"He was just wearing some pants, like a hooded sweatshirt. He did have a fluorescent orange hat on and that may have been what caught the passerby's attention because it did kind of stick out against the background," said Meshew.

The man estimated he had been there for about an hour and a half and had been unable to flag down anyone else to help him.

EMS was dispatched and Canaan Twp. Fire Chief Brandon Smith also responded.

"The longer you are outside, in general with anything, if somebody is stuck outside I've seen it in the past where people will just decline to the point where they are not able to sustain life. I mean, you need to be able to regulate heat," said Smith.

Privacy laws prevent authorities from identifying the man or discussing his condition.
He was transported to a local hospital reportedly with an extremely low body temperature and the inability to feel his legs.

As of Thursday afternoon, his condition was unknown.

But the fact that he survived is credited to the woman, a good Samaritan whose name authorities never got, but who took the time to make sure he got some help.

"It shows there's hope, I'd say, and times with everything around here now there's still good people everywhere," said Smith​.

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