Nexus pipeline vote: City of Green accepts settlement with company

GREEN, Ohio --  The legal fight to stop construction on a natural gas pipeline in the city of Green has come to an end, as city council voted to accept a settlement with the company behind the pipeline.

By a narrow vote of 4 to 3, council voted to accept the settlement, saying it is what is best for the city.

The Nexus Natural Gas Pipeline would run 8 miles through the city and has faced much opposition since it's proposal, but the federal government has already approved the permits the company needs to continue to build the pipeline.

Many city council members said they feel continuing the four lawsuits they have would only end up delaying the inevitable and leave the city with nothing in the end.

Many people living in Green said they fear for their family’s safety and think the pipeline will only bring trouble.

Nexus Gas Transmission listed a series of things they say they'll be sure to do as part of the settlement including but not limited to: training first responders that serve the city during construction, and every year after that; monitoring the pipeline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for pressure, flow and temperature; and handing over $7.5 million in cash to the city.

City Council also said they have done everything in their power to fight this pipeline and say there is not one city leader who wants the pipeline there, but after careful consideration with their legal counsel, decided getting something for the pipeline was better for the city than getting nothing.