Five carjackings in Lakewood in two weeks

LAKEWOOD, Ohio-- A group of violent carjackers are terrorizing residents in Lakewood and Tuesday night, the suspects struck for the fifth time in two weeks.

Two gunmen robbed a woman inside her apartment building on Clifton Boulevard. They demanded her car keys and wallet, then fled in her car, which was later spotted in East Cleveland.

Three of the crimes happened at the Aldi on West 117th Street. A 74-year-old man was among the victims. He was attacked as he was putting his groceries in his car in broad daylight.

In another case, Lakewood police chased the suspects in a car they had taken from a 64-year-old man at gunpoint at the City Center Plaza at Detroit Avenue and Warren Road. The pursuit was terminated by a police supervisor after the suspect accelerated to dangerously high speeds in Lakewood and Cleveland neighborhoods.

"None of our victims have resisted this happening, I mean they've all would pretty much give up their property," Lakewood Police Chief Timothy Malley said. "But there's always the potential that somebody is not going to do that, and we don't know what these suspects would do in relation to that."

Malley said it appears the suspects view the carjackings as a game, and they are getting a kick out of targeting victims they believe they can overpower or intimidate. He recommends residents be prepared.

"If you something that is out of character, something that raises the hair on the back of your neck maybe go back to the store or move to an area where there's more people," the chief said.

Police are stepping up their patrols and working with their neighbors in Cleveland to try and stop this. They are also checking surveillance cameras to see if they can find video of the carjackers.