Mom charges twins’ classmates to attend birthday party; explains why after being slammed online

A parent’s Facebook post caused some controversy among a community Facebook group — after another mother asked her twins’ classmates to pay for attending their birthday party.

The post was submitted anonymously on a neighborhood Facebook page.

The writer said their 4-year-old was invited to a classmate’s party, and the invitations asked for a fee of $9 per child.


Facebook user Ru Ali said in a comment that she’d been the one to send out the party invites.

She asked that each family pay $9 per child. The mother said she invited all of her twins’ 60 classmates to come along and didn’t want anyone to miss out.

Ru Ali would be paying $7 per child and also providing food, playtime and a goody bag.

She wrote:

“Hi this invitation was from me for my Twins 5th Birthday party, and yes I have attended many classmate parties at fun valley & 360 & paid a lot more! The party rate per child on a Sunday is £11 per child, however I only put a cost of £6 per child due to the fact that I have invited 60 children! 30 from each class & some will bring siblings!! Therefore I will still be paying £5 per child cost for every child that attends! Also this invite includes playtime, food, and extra special goody bag worth £5 for every child that attends. I am a single mother with twins, and I spoke to many parents about how to organise the party & how many children to invite etc! I could not invite half the class & not the other half so that is the reason. I’m shocked to see this post on Facebook, my number was on the invite & you could have messaged me to ask about it. Hope this clarifies this and I’ve already had 40 children get back to me to say they are attending so it’s sure to be a great party. Best Wishes.”

The post received a flurry of responses ranging from negative to supportive.

One said:

“[The cost] is nothing for a child’s happiness.”

Another parent suggested instead of buying a gift, pay the fee and buy a birthday card rather than a gift.

Meanwhile, another commenter said: “If you can’t afford the party, you don’t have the party. Poor kid will be the one to suffer because of the mum’s stupidity.”

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