I-Team: Two wrong-way drivers in one night in Cleveland

CLEVELAND -- The FOX 8 I-Team has uncovered the stories behind two wrong-way drivers on the area’s busiest highways, and this comes as the Ohio Department of Transportation is exploring new efforts to do something about the problem of wrong-way drivers.

On Friday night, callers alerted police to a driver going the wrong way on I-90 near West 44th in Cleveland. Finally, sheriff’s deputies and police stopped the vehicle.

Then, a little later, police started getting calls about a wrong-way driver on I-71 near West 150th in Cleveland. Ultimately, that driver pulled over without a crash.

Those two incidents came just hours before ODOT held a special meeting concerning what can be done about wrong-way drivers.

The I-Team found there's no standard reporting system in place for keeping track of wrong-way drivers. In fact, the Ohio Department of Transportation started looking into the two Cleveland cases from last weekend thanks to the I-Team. The I-Team had posted about them on social media.

ODOT believes the number of crashes from wrong-way drivers has dropped, in part, due to an increase in signs ODOT has put up at ramps. But, for example, ODOT found the driver on I-90 Friday had gotten on the highway going the wrong way several miles earlier.

And it may surprise you, but in that I-90 case, sheriff’s deputies simply questioned the driver, a senior citizen. Then, they turned her around, and let her go on her way.

In the I-71 case, a relative picked up the driver after Cleveland police say they issued a couple of traffic tickets.

ODOT is exploring some way to find out more about where and when drivers get on highways going the wrong way so that agencies can spot problem areas and figure out what to do there to improve safety.