Local school district experiencing bus driver shortage due to flu

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STREETSBORO-   The flu epidemic continues to wreak havoc on local school districts.

The Streetsboro School District in Portage County is reporting that nearly 40 percent of its bus drivers are home sick with the flu, forcing the district to make emergency changes.

The district is combining bus routes and parents are being warned that some of the buses may be running late before and after school.

“It has been hitting the school systems hard and with the bus drivers, they're exposed to all those kids trapped on the bus and that's where it's just accumulating," said Lindsay Saive, a parent of a student in the district.

Parents are praising the district for trying to stop the spread of the flu, but they know it’s going to be an uphill battle because schools and the workplace are primary breeding grounds for illness.

"Safety is the issue, we've got to make sure people are safe and people are not, you know, it's not getting passed on by people coming to work when they should not be," said parent Derek Henderson.

The emergency bus schedule will continue until a majority of the sick drivers return to work.

Over the weekend, the district will be cleaning the inside of the buses in hopes of stopping the spread of flu.

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