Cleveland man finds box of cremated human remains

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CLEVELAND-A mystery is slowing unraveling after cremated remains are discovered on a tree lawn in a west side Cleveland neighborhood.  The box containing the ashes identifies the deceased man, but the question lingers…how did his remains get there?

"I wouldn't wanna be left on the street somewhere on a curb," said Gary McClung.

McClung says Wednesday evening, several of his friends discovered a box on a tree lawn while walking to his home on West 49th Street in Cleveland and brought it to his house.

"The lid opened and then I seen what was in there," said McClung.

The box contained cremated human remains.  It was also labeled and contained a certificate with the name of the deceased, 53-year old Todd Michael Kinder.

The card indicated Todd died September 21, 2017 and was cremated a week later.  McClung says he immediately tried to locate his family.

"I tried the web, I tried Facebook, I tried Google, but I couldn't do anything about it," he said.

McClung says he kept trying.

"When I was on the internet last night, there was like three of the same names of different ages and from, like, Texas, California, one from Cleveland so, I have no idea at all, but I hope someone claims them," he said.

Thursday morning, Gary McClung contacted Fox 8 to see if we could help reunite Todd's family with his remains.

"If it was one of my parents or my brother, or my cousin, I would want someone to do the same thing for me," he said.

Walter Martens Funeral Home on Denison Avenue was printed on a certificate inside the box and on the box's label. Fox 8 contacted the funeral home. The funeral director was unavailable, but an employee says Todd's cremated remains were claimed in September and they are just as baffled about how they ended up on West 49th Street.

"I hope someone claims them and give them a proper burial or whatever they were gonna do with them," said McClung.

Fox 8 left the ashes at the funeral home. As of Thursday evening, the funeral home had not yet made contact with Kinder’s relatives.  Friday, they hope to begin sorting out exactly what happened

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