Cleveland Queen of Hearts drawing attracting big numbers – and money

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Update: There was no winner in the January 31 drawing…on to yet another week…….

CLEVELAND -It’s the kind of money that would make you stand in line in freezing weather just to get a shot at.

It’s also the kind of money that would make you spend more than twenty minutes writing down your name and phone number – along with your hopes and dreams – on a bunch of little, $1  tickets.

“I’m putting these in for my husband. It’s his 63rd birthday and he could retire.  That would be great.” North Ridgeville Resident Kim Knable said

Some folks bought a few, but many folks bought a lot. A dollar each for a jackpot with odds that are better than the big lottery, albeit still quite long.

The queen of hearts drawing at the Grayton Road Tavern is becoming a big deal. The jackpot reflects the number tickets that have been sold: 250 thousand just this past week, which made the jackpot jump drastically.

The line has been constant all day.

There have been so many people coming to buy food and tickets that managerJim Page told FOX 8 they've had to limit the number of folks who can be inside at any time.

“We are stopping it at 85 people inside. Maximum occupancy is 99. If you're gonna get here early and going to stay, eat and drink. If you're coming here to get a ticket, we're having you wait in line and as people come in we're letting them out 10 at a time," Page said.

But people are willing to wait they're also willing to put in some big bucks to win.

“Three quarters of a million dollars that's a whole lot of money. There's 14 of us,  that's 50- thousand dollars a piece. That's a nice bit of money for a little vacation this summer. (So fourteen of you went in on this?) 20 bucks a pop 280 tickets," Kenny Farmer of Bedford said.

Theyr'e also willing to drive across the region. The Bartletts drove about an hour and a half to get here.

“We came from Perry and it was a nice drive out here, it really was. So we're hoping to win,” Darla Bartlett said.

But more importantly, they just want a shot at early retirement, or a new boat, or the peace of mind that well over three-quarters-of-a-million dollars (and possibly more) can bring.

“I'm trying to get college tuition for my kids and see where it goes from here," Chris Early of Cleveland said.

The game is simple: a deck of 52 cards, including the jokers, is placed face down on a board and sealed. Each card is numbered.

When people buy their tickets, they put their name and phone number on the back and then pick a number of a card that’s on the board.

If their ticket is drawn from the barrel, their card, the number card that they chose, is revealed. If they get the queen of hearts, they win the big jackpot.

Currently the drawing is well over $780,000. If no one gets it this week, they project the jackpot could top $1 million.

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