City council president campaigns for script Parma signs

PARMA, Ohio-- The president of Parma City Council is trying to raise money for the city's own script signs.

The idea is inspired by Destination Cleveland's script Cleveland signs, which can be found at Edgewater Park, North Coast Harbor, Euclid Beach Lakefront Park and on Abby Avenue.

"My wife, kids and I love the script Cleveland signs and have family photos at all of them," said Sean Brennan, Parma City Council President, in a news release on Wednesday.

Brennan said he contacted Signature Sign Company, which is the same place that made Cleveland's signs. The project is expected to cost about $15,000.

"I truly believe the signs can help prime economic development,” Brennan said. “I envision people coming out to visit a sign, take a few snapshots, then do a little shopping and have a meal."

Brennan started a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for the project. It's raised $125 in a month. There is also a survey to select the best location for the sign.