Lake High School student dies in two-car crash on way to school

LAKE TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- A Lake High School student was killed Tuesday morning in a two-car crash on her way to school.

According to the Stark County Sheriff's Office, the student was Macie Behringer, 16, who was a cheerleader and gymnast at her school.

Macie Behringer

Behringer was driving a 2002 Honda Civic, heading north on Market Avenue just south of Lake O'Pines at around 8 a.m. She lost control, slid into the southbound lanes and was hit by a 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan.

Behringer died at the scene. The other driver was checked out and released at the scene.

Police say Behringer was not wearing a seat belt; the other driver involved was wearing a seat belt.

Supt. Kevin Tobin said Behringer was a junior but was going to graduate early with the senior class. He said there are counselors and local clergy at the school to speak with students.

"This is a devastating loss," he said.

All athletic events scheduled for Tuesday have been canceled.

A parent of a student at the high school says the news is devastating and a shock and that many students areĀ  heart-broken.

He said the 16-year-old was very bright and a "good person."

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