I TEAM: Exclusive video of high-speed chase on one of area’s busiest highways

CLEVELAND - The FOX 8 I TEAM has obtained exclusive police video showing what it took for the Ohio Highway Patrol to stop a speeding driver on I-480, always one of the area’s busiest highways.

It happened a week ago. A trooper spotted a car speeding with an expired license plate tag. The car pulled away at speeds topping 110 mph. In fact, the chase went up and down 480, all the way into Lorain County and back near Hopkins Airport. Troopers even tried putting spikes on the highway to puncture tires and stop the car. In the end, a group of troopers formed a rolling roadblock and forced the wanted man off the highway.

All told, the Highway Patrol says the chase covered 27 miles, and it went on for at least 16 minutes.

Sue Collander ended up caught in the middle of it coming home from the movies. She said, "And more and more police cars were coming up behind us, and it was just a bad feeling, like we were going into something bad.”

The Highway Patrol says troopers don’t take chasing on a busy highway like that lightly. Supervisors stay in close contact with troopers on the road checking on a number of factors. Lt. Rob Gable said, "Traffic , weather conditions, reason for the apprehension. they're weighing all those factors.'

The video shows, in the end, that the driver goes off the highway onto a grassy berm, and in seconds troopers surround the car at gunpoint.

The Patrol says Allen Wilson is facing charges for driving drunk, having the expired tag, and fleeing and eluding police.

Witnesses still can’t get over the amount of law enforcement used to bring this to an end. But troopers say they must be ready for it anywhere. And all Highway Patrol chases are later reviewed by supervisors.