Operation SiFi: Autumn Ziemba returns to FOX 8 after son’s cancer diagnosis

CLEVELAND -- For the last six weeks, you may have wondered where our weekend morning anchor, Autumn Ziemba, has been.

Today, upon her return to the newsdesk, Autumn explained to viewers that she had been caring for her 2-year-old son, Simon, who was diagnosed with b-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in December.

It was devastating news for Autumn and her family, especially since it followed Simon's other diagnosis of Autism back in September.  However, the #OperationSiFi  movement has proven unstoppable, and this family's dedication and strength have shown through it.

Autumn, her husband Mark, and 6-year-old daughter Maren, are thrilled to report that after receiving chemotherapy and other treatments, Simon is currently in remission.  He still has a long road to recovery, ahead, as Autumn talks about in the video above this story, but his prognosis is excellent.

Autumn also took the time to express her gratitude to the staff at the Cleveland Clinic Children's, as well as the other families in similar circumstances on Simon's floor.

Lastly, Autumn thanked all of her supporters: friends, family, and FOX 8 fans alike, for carrying her through what she described as the most difficult time in her life.

She said it best in the previous Facebook post, below:

"My friends... you kind and wonderful people... I can’t thank you all enough for your endless love and support. I am especially grateful for those of you who have gone through this with your own children and have taken the time to reach out to me with your stories and words of encouragement—it means so much to our family. 💙 Thank you, thank you, thank you."

We're going to be following Simon's story, and you can, too. Watch above for Autumn's return back to the news this morning.

You can also view her Facebook Live from Saturday morning, here.

Follow this link for future updates on #OperationSiFi. We are pulling for you, Simon!