Police in Stark County’s Perry Township trying to identify suspect who is shooting at drivers

PERRY TOWNSHIP, Stark County -- Police in Stark County's Perry Township are trying to identify a suspect responsible for a series of shootings aimed at passing drivers.

FOX 8's Jack Shea spoke with one of the victims, Robert McHue, the pastor of a church in Stark County.

McHue was on his way to his home in Massillon Tuesday night when someone fired a pellet gun at his car on Genoa Road in Perry Township, a short distance from the township police department.

"Just driving in and all of the sudden I heard this loud boom and my windshield just exploded; glass just shot all over the side of my face and I had glass all over my lap and that," McHue said.

He said it then began to sink in that someone had taken a shot at his car; that's when he pulled over and called 911.

Perry Township police say in addition to Robert McHue's car, two other vehicles were hit about the same time: 7 p.m. on Tuesday.

Reverend McHue says he's hoping the shooter sees the error in his or her ways. "You know, thank God and you know to his glory that nobody was injured out of the cars that were shot at but you know hopefully they see the news and the publicity, hopefully they'll realize it just is not a smart thing to do."

Investigators are now checking surveillance cameras in the surrounding neighborhood to see if they can find any images of the shooter or his or her vehicle.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to call Perry Township police.