I-TEAM: Growing investigation into stolen packages and mail

CUYAHOGA COUNTY--The FOX 8 I TEAM has found a growing investigation into stolen mail and packages involving police in the western suburbs and the US Postal Inspection Service.

Home surveillance video shows a man stealing a package at a house in Parma Heights, and investigators believe the thief there is the same man who had been stealing mail and packages in Olmsted Falls.

Parma Heights Police are in the process of getting criminal charges for the incident there. Olmsted Falls Police have referred their case to the Postal Inspection Service.

A report shows a thief had been stealing mail from mailboxes and packages from porches in the Lewis Road area. He is suspected of going to a nearby park to dump the mail and boxes in the trash after he had gone through everything.

Butch Thompson says he has had deliveries stolen off of his porch in Olmsted Falls twice. He said, "One day, one box came, it was all smashed, nothing in it. And next day, same thing."

A police photo shows mail in a trash can. A report shows, the man suspected in the Olmsted Falls cases would go to a local park and dump envelopes and boxes in the trash there after he had gone through everything.

We found multiple cases dating back to December, but we also found one unlike the others.

The I TEAM has learned of mail getting stolen in the area even back in November. Even at the post office for Olmsted Falls. Somehow, someone broke into one of the blue boxes where we all drop off our mail.

We went to the home listed on a police report for the primary suspect. A woman there said he hadn’t lived at that address in about a year.

The US Postal Inspection Service isn’t commenting on its investigation.

Meantime, you have to wonder if thieves consider the people they’re hurting when they take mail. Consider Butch. He told us, "Being that I'm retired, and I got cancer, makes it rough to waste money."

We’ll update the story with any charges that get filed.