I-Team: Mother speaks out on teacher text investigation

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BROOKLYN, Ohio -- A mother is speaking out to the FOX 8 I-Team about an investigation into text messages she says her daughter received from a teacher at Brooklyn Middle School.

Tuesday, the Brooklyn School District accepted the teacher’s resignation. That came just days after the investigation began.

The mother says she noticed her 9th grade daughter had been getting messages from the teacher and getting contacted after school hours. She showed us that in one exchange the girl asked about going to the teacher’s room to finish a paper. The response, “Lol of course. I will never not want you. Or whatever. Another message said, “Excited to see you tomorrow!” And another,” …You don’t understand the impact you have on me on a daily basis….”

The mother added, "He text her, I can't wait to see you tomorrow. I miss you."

The next day she called me right after her 7th period with him and said, 'Mom, he gave me a 50 dollar gift card.’ I'm like, for what?"

Brooklyn Police opened a criminal investigation, and police told us the school removed the teacher from the classroom. The police investigation is ongoing.

Meantime, records show the teacher’s resignation is effective next month, but the district says the teacher will not be coming back to the school.

The I-Team requested the teacher's personnel file. But at school headquarters, the district said no--at least not yet. The district says, by contract, it has to let a teacher know someone has requested a file, and the district has to give the teacher a chance to respond.

We tried calling the teacher, and we found the number disconnected or out of service. We’re not identifying the teacher until we have the personnel file, or if charges get filed. No charges have been filed.

Last year, the I-Team showed you Brooklyn High teacher Amy Whited facing a judge for allowing students to drink alcohol in her home. Investigators found students had also shared a topless photo of the teacher.

In this case, the mother told us her daughter had volunteered as an aide for the teacher, but those messages quickly raised concern. The mother added, "I don't know what he wanted, or what he intended to do or what. He stepped over the boundaries."

We’ll follow up on any more developments including when the personnel file is released.