Check out Andre Bernier’s scarf! It tells a year-long weather story

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CLEVELAND –  Fox 8 viewers will never cease to amaze us with their creativity.

Photo: Ann Domeck, Fox 8

Photo: Ann Domeck, Fox 8

Case in point: the scarf that meteorologist Andre Bernier was wearing Wednesday night.

At first glance, you may think it’s just a colorful, warm piece of neckwear.

But it is really a visual record of the forecast temperature for every day of 2017. And it took an entire year to finish.

It was made by Kathryn from Cleveland. She crocheted one row per day for the entire year. She chose her color for each day based on the official Fox 8 temperature that the Fox 8 weather team reported that day.

Different shades of blue represent the colder temperatures, green is a bit more temperate. The reds and yellows were those hot days of summer.

Photo: Ann Domeck, Fox 8

Wow! Thanks Kathryn!

Looking good, Andre!