Donut shop creates ‘Tide Pods’ you can safely eat

NORMAN, Oklahoma — These are Tide Pods you can actually take a bite out of.

A chain of donuts shops has created the Tide Pod looking donuts to poke fun of the bizarre and dangerous craze that has some people attempting to eat the actual laundry soap pods.

Hurts Donuts posted a side-by-side picture of a real Tide Pod next to one of its Tide Pod donuts on its Facebook page. A big “No” was over the real Tide Pod. A big “Yes” was over the donut.

“I thought this would clear up any confusion there might have been but now adults are throwing donuts in the washer,” the post said.

There have been several cases of people recording themselves eating Tide Pods. It is the latest social media challenge that can be extremely dangerous.

Tide’s parent company, Proctor and Gamble, has released several statements about the danger.

According to the American Association of Control Centers, there has been a spike in calls since the trend starting spreading on social media.