Benny the bomb dog retiring after more than 8 years on police force

CLEVELAND – It wasn’t long after Cleveland Police Officer Paul Fronckowiak started working with his K-9 partner, Benny, that he knew his partner was special.

Fronckowiak said they were searching an old factory for a suspect. He said they were almost ready to leave, when Benny started jumping on a door to an office.

“The suspect actually had time to build a wall up around him, so when I looked in I couldn’t see him,” Fronckowiak said. “I let Benny in and all of a sudden he got a pair of pants in his mouth and he’s dragging the guy out. That one to me was, 'wow, this dog knows what he’s doing.'"

Fronckowiak says Benny has done great work over the past 8 ½ years. Benny has worked as a patrol officer and an explosive detective canine.

But now that Benny is 10, he is ready to retire, and his last day is Tuesday.

“He is an amazing partner,” Fronckowiak said.

He noted that while on the force, Benny worked during the Republican National Convention, World Series games, and the Cavs parade.

“We were always together, 24/7,” Fronckowiak said. “I can’t describe the bond.”

Even though Fronckowiak will soon get a new partner, Benny won’t be far away.

“He will now be in charge of the house,” Fronckowiak said.