Ohio Senators weigh in on government shutdown

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CLEVELAND—As the second day of the government shutdown comes to an end, the consensus of both Ohio senators is the same, the decision is not good for the American people.

Republican Senator Rob Portman and Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown say they are taking action during a time of crisis.

“I was hoping they wouldn't do this but they did, and we've got to make it work,” Senator Brown said.

“It's not helping anybody, it’s a lot of disruption,  dislocation, dysfunction, for no reason,” Senator Portman said.

The government shutdown of 2018 impacts many aspects of life everywhere in the country, even right here in Northeast Ohio. Whether it’s the job of a federal employee or access to facilities at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, there’s an impact.

In Ohio there are 50,000 federal workers have stopped paychecks due to the shutdown.

That fact is not lost on Senators Brown or Portman, and both politicians have different ideas on how to proceed.

Senator Portman is introducing bipartisan legislation called the End Government Shutdowns Act to prevent any more in the future.

“They hurt our economy they hurt our families they hurt our troops and by the way they ultimately cost the taxpayers more money not less,” Senator Portman said.

Meanwhile, Senator Brown explained there needs to be a longer term financial solution agreed upon.

“A number of senators are meeting in both parties to and we're asking McConnell to reopen the government and let us negotiate a longer term budget, to get this government going in the right direction,” Senator Brown said.

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