Warning to patients after pharmacy license of Clinical Apothecaries in Medina suspended

MEDINA, Ohio -- A warning has been issued for patients who get their medications from a compound pharmacy.  The State Board of Pharmacy has suspended its license, claiming the cleanliness of the operation is not up to par.

Clinical Apothecaries on Medina Road in Medina closed Friday afternoon.  The State Board of Pharmacy says a complaint they received early last week prompted them to send the company a notice to shut down operations.

A press release states the reason is due to the pharmacy "engaging in compounding practices that pose immediate and serious harm to the public."

According to the board, the pharmacy's conditions were not sterile.

"The number of infractions really rose, made this rise to the top in terms of enforcement action, so we used our authority to swiftly suspend their license immediately, to get them to stop doing, to stop basically distributing any of these compounded medications," said Board of Pharmacy spokesman Cameron McNamee.

McNamee says Clinical Apothecaries is considered a specialty pharmacy, offering medications that patients cannot get in a regular one.

"Let's say you're allergic to an ingredient in a commercially available drug, so a compounding pharmacy would make a drug, in accordance with a doctor's order, that removes that allergen or that product that you're allergic too," said McNamee.

The board is strongly recommending patients immediately stop using all of their medications dispensed from Clinical Apothecaries.

If you need to confirm the source of the drug, refer to the medication's labeling.

According to the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy, patients should contact their doctor, healthcare provider or veterinarian to get new prescriptions.

The board is reviewing records to directly contact the 1,200 potentially-affected patients.

No adverse reactions have been reported, but if you think you may have experienced one from a medication dispensed by Clinical Apothecaries, please contact the Board of Pharmacy at compliance@pharmacy.ohio.gov or call 614-466-4143 during normal business hours.

Patients sending an email should include their full name, telephone number, the name of the medication and a description of the adverse reaction.

**More information can be found here.