Video: Officer assaulted after confronting shoplifting suspect wearing jacket full of stolen goods

WICKLIFFE, Ohio -- A man was arrested after allegedly stuffing his jacket full of stolen grocery store items, and then assaulting an officer who confronted him about his 'big belly.'

It was all caught on video.

According to Wickliffe police, it happened Wednesday at about 9:20 p.m. near a grocery store on Lakeshore Boulevard.

Police were notified of a shoplifter at the store who was last seen on foot -- shortly after, an officer spotted the man on Worden Road. The officer confronted the man, who then tried to run.

The officer tackled him, and a short struggle ensued. Two Good Samaritans actually came foward to help the officer before additional officers arrived. The man was tasered and eventually handcuffed.

The man now faces charges of assaulting an officer, obstructing police and resisting arrest.

A post on Wickliffe Police Department's Facebook page states:

"The video is an example of how quickly an incident can escalate and it shows how officers must make quick decisions under stress. Luckily, nobody was seriously injured during the encounter, but the officer and the suspect received some scrapes and bruises."