Man surprises grandfather by secretly restoring old Chevy

Photo courtesy: Cam Dedman

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky — A man’s birthday surprise for his grandfather, who he says is his best friend, is absolutely beautiful.

Cam Dedman posted about the surprise on his Facebook page. He restored his grandpa’s 1957 Chevy Bel Air which had been sitting in his grandfather’s garage since 1976.

Cam wrote, “This was so hard to complete let alone do it with out him knowing. I saved up for years to do this even sold my personal car to help fund parts for the car. It all is worth it though for my Grandpa!”

The restoration took over a year. According to ABC News, Cam started the work in September 2016.

Photos and video posted to his Facebook page show the wonderful moment when he surprised his grandpa, Fred Lamar, for his 81st birthday.

Cam said his grandfather “about passed out.” You can see how emotional his grandfather becomes when he sees what his grandson did for him.

Cam did all of the work — restoring the whole frame, interior body and under body; he rewired the whole car front to back with brand new up-to-date wiring, a full Rockford stereo, vintage air conditioning and much more.

Cam wrote on Facebook that he built the car with ideas from his grandfather. When Fred talked about his favorite color, and mentioned stuff he would want to do at car shows, Cam was listening.

“I did this from the bottom of my heart for my grandpa,” Cam said.  Fred’s reaction? “Oh, man. I love you, buddy.” He told ABC News it was the best gift he has ever received.