Lawsuit filed over deadly Strongsville police chase, shooting

Roy Evans, Jr. (Family photo)

STRONGSVILLE-A federal lawsuit has been filed against Strongsville police on behalf of a man shot and killed last year by an officer after a chase.

In March, a Strongsville officer killed Roy Evans, Jr. in a van with his girlfriend and 3 kids also inside.

Attorneys Marcus Sidoti and Joseph Scott filed the suit Thursday in Cleveland. They wrote, “This case challenges the gratuitous, excessive, and objectively unreasonable force…used…”

They argue Evans had no weapon, the chase began because the van had no headlights on, police finally boxed in the vehicle to stop the chase, and the suit says officers rushed the van even after being told not to do that.

The suit says Strongsville officer Jason Miller fired the deadly shots. And the lawyers say, “Officer Miller had been involved in at least one other use of deadly force that resulted in severe injury to the suspect. Miller had also been involved in other on duty conduct that should have alerted supervisors to his need to retraining and/or other intervention.”

A prosecutor reviewed the shooting and investigation, and the shooting was ruled justified.

Investigators say officers spotted the van speeding, and they noted other traffic violations. They say also found the van rammed police cars before the shooting. Investigators found officer Miller “policy compliant.”