Sailboat frozen in ice in Fairport Harbor

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FAIRPORT HARBOR, Ohio – A 20-foot-long sailboat is stuck in ice in Fairport Harbor.

The “Saint Nicholas” is frozen in place hundreds of yards from shore, just north of U.S. Coast Guard Station Fairport.

The U.S. Coast Guard said the red sailboat boat broke free from its moorings at a marina along the Grand River, and floated into Lake Erie during last week’s thaw. The lake then refroze, trapping the boat in ice.

Petty Officer First Class Christopher Jones said the Coast Guard and ODNR were trying to find and contact the owner Wednesday.

“Being that there's no immediate threat to life, we will work with the owner, once we find out who the owner is, to coordinate a salvage plan to safely remove the vessel,” Jones said, adding that removal would not be possible until the ice thaws.

He described the frozen boat as “very unusual” and said the owner will not be cited, if found.

“That might discourage people from calling us when they actually needed us,” Jones said. “We would absolutely not issue any kind of citations for this type of scenario.”

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