Security firm: New ‘brandjacking’ scam targets Netflix customers

An Australian cyber-security firm is warning Netflix customers about a scam that informs via email that their credit card no longer works.

Consumer Affairs reports that Mailguard issued the warning recently, reporting that the scammers are using “brandjacking” emails in order to get customers’ credit card information.

With brandjacking, scammers use emails designed to look like they are coming from a legit company, business or service.

This current scam involves an email that appears to come from Netflix. There are bold letters at the top of the email that say the customer’s payment for services has been declined and that their payment information must be updated. It provides a link to do so.

But, Consumer Affairs reports, the link takes users to the scammer’s website, where the personal information is collected and later sold.

Consumer Affairs suggests for anyone who might get a similar email to go to the company’s actual website, then sign in and update account information from there.

The scam is similar to a Netflix scam that popped up last fall. For more on that scam, click here. 

The FDA provides several tips to avoid phishing scams. For those, click here. 

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