I TEAM: Exposing unplowed streets–getting action

CLEVELAND - The FOX 8 I TEAM is getting action after exposing many Cleveland side streets still snowy, icy, and even unplowed four days after the last big snowfall.

Cleveland’s Chief Operating Officer Darnell Brown says road crews had reported they had finished plowing all Cleveland streets as early as Sunday morning. Then the I TEAM started asking about streets that had apparently been missed.

In fact, Tuesday afternoon, we found side streets in bad shape in the South Hills section, West Park and other areas. We found problem areas even though the city has a new hi-tech system to track plow crews. It also shows which streets they plowed and when.

Brown told the I TEAM, "My report that I got told me we had done all the streets. Then we got your message. We found out, obviously, that's not true. So that suggested to me, let's ask the system."

The system can tell when a street was plowed as well as how. For instance, how high was the plow? And did the truck put salt down?

The city says from now on, it will rely more on what the system shows. Brown told us, "When you have a large snow event, we're gonna evaluate what went well, what didn't go well. And now that we have this new tool, it'll tell us where gaps are. And it'll tell us, let's look at the system, how the routes are set up."

That sounds good to Cleveland drivers we met including Amanda Hajdin. She said "Go over what you can do better. Like, if you didn't hit this area, come back."

Cleveland has a hotline number you can call with concerns or complaints. 216-664-2510. During regular business hours, you will likely get transferred to Operation Snowbird, the city’s command center for plow crews.. After regular business hours you may have to leave a message, but the city says it will get to Operation Snowbird as well.