Crews on shores of Lake Erie attempt daring rescue to save dog stranded on ice

CLEVELAND – An ice rescue is under way on Lake Erie, as Cleveland crews try to save a dog that is stranded on the ice. The black dog is about 1,000 feet out on the ice at the East 72nd Street Marina. The Cleveland Fire Department, along with Animal Control Officers, had tried to tempt the dog to shore with food and toys, but the decision was finally made to go out and rescue the pup. At about 6 p.m. the Coast Guard returned to the scene and started their attempt to rescue the pup. The dog has been out on the ice since earlier Sunday morning. In the end, the Coast Guard rescuers came back to shore, telling Fox 8 that the dog ran from them whenever they got close. They said he looked well-fed, and was freely moving. He ran east toward a nature preserve and they are hoping that he went onto land there.