Side streets remain snow-covered as Cleveland digs out

CLEVELAND – People across Northeast Ohio are digging out from a widespread winter storm, as side streets remained snow-covered in parts of Cleveland.

Parts of the area saw additional snowfall and accumulation as a lake effect squall moved from west to east across greater Cleveland Saturday morning, covering roads that were already cleared by crews after Friday’s storm.

“Today's probably the worst so far,” Mike Ryan, of Cleveland, said of road conditions. “Last night I was out a little bit, too, and that was probably the worst I've seen in a while.”

City of Cleveland crews worked to clear roads, beginning with main arteries, but many side streets remained untreated.

“The salt trucks have been on it, but I think it's a little bit too much for them as well,” said Tilson Williams, of Cleveland.

Friday night biting winds whipped up snow downtown, making even walking a challenge.

“The walk from the garage to home was the windiest I've felt,” said Sid Tavri, who has lived in downtown Cleveland for more than two years.

Jonah Yulish said overnight winds and ice apparently pushed his car down a full level of an outdoor parking garage at the Bridgeview Apartments downtown.

“Get a call, ‘Mr. Yulish, your car is getting towed in the next 30 minutes. It's blocking the third-floor garage.’ I parked it at the fourth-floor garage,” he said.

While the return to winter was a headache for some, the Grady family, from Lakewood, embraced the snow and cold by sledding at Edgewater Park.

“They don't get to do it enough,” Mom Catherine Grady said. “Kids nowadays don't play outside. They play on electronics.”

Others stepped outside to clear snow and ice from driveways and sidewalks.

“I hope this stuff melts up, and we can go looking forward to spring,” Williams said.