Cleveland business feels the effect of winter power outages

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CLEVELAND— No lights, no heat, as hundreds experienced a power outage.  According to Cleveland Public Power, around 1,600 people were affected Saturday for several hours.

“I’m waiting here; I’m seeing the customers outside— if you got cash I’ll take cash until gets dark and then when it gets dark I’ll have to lock it up and just lose money,” said Edward Lee.

Lee manages the Quick Shop on Spring Road in Cleveland.  On Saturday not only were his lights out, but the traffic lights outside of his business were as well.

He tells Fox 8 this isn’t the first time an outage like this has happened to him recently.

Lee said he was one of about 40,000 customers who lost power at the end of December due to a fire at a Cleveland Public Power electrical substation.

Thankfully, CPP was able to restore power to all customers a little after 5:00 p.m.  The company gave updates to customers via social media and acknowledged the outage was an inconvenience, but they were working ‘as quickly as humanly possible to restore’.