Vermilion student manager with special needs records 100th win

VERMILION-—Hours before a Vermilion Sailors boys basketball practice, Junior Devan Dewitt is already hard at work.

“That’s all he talks about, basketball, basketball, basketball,” said Vermilion junior Mason Montgomery

Devan or 'Dev-dog' as he’s called by his teammates, is a student with special needs. He is busy making sure the Sailors are ready to go for practice. He’s the team manager, a position he’s held since the 7th grade.

“I thought that he might get bored by it, but then you could really see how passionate he is about the program, about basketball and about Vermilion in general and you just know that is something that is going to stick,” said Vermilion senior Ethan Habermehl.

Devan does it all for the Sailors, from filling water bottles, to making sure the locker room is ready before a game, to team cheerleader and yes, even a photographer.

“When we are getting ready for games, we have our music going, he always kind of catches us videotaping or gets videos or funny pictures of us,” said senior Joby Pfeil.

It’s a job that Devan can’t say no to.

“We have that bond, that strong bond and you know how those bonds stick to you and you just cannot leave because they are your family,” Dewitt said.

Five-years after Devan became a team manager, he and his teammates finally reached a milestone, December 29th, 2017 Devan recorded his 100th win as team manager.

“Yes I was excited and all that but my main focus was to just be happy that you’ve done something for a school that you really care about,” Dewitt said.

“That was big especially for Devan, it really meant a lot for him and all the players and coaches we were very happy to be able to do that for him,” said junior Jonah Pfeil.

“Last year, coach hit his 200th win and we all went crazy celebrating, it was just like that,” added senior Elijah Balek.

It’s a moment that won’t soon fade from memory, for coach, for players for the manager and most importantly for the school.

“I’m just so glad to be a Sailor and I will always be a Sailor until my time,” said Dewitt.

Devan and the Sailors will be in action Saturday night in Sandusky.