Check your flight: Winter storm leads to cancellations, delays at Hopkins Airport

CLEVELAND - As a winter storm barrels through Northeast Ohio it's creating problems not only for drivers but flyers at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

"We're hoping at least we're going the right direction back to warm weather but we're just catching a little bit of this," said flyer Deborah Muller.

At last check more than 21 flights were cancelled in addition to several delays. The majority of which impact flyers heading to the East Coast. Some travelers are hoping they don't get caught in a domino effect of cancelled flights.

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"The flight in front of us just got delayed so hopefully we will get out on time," said flyer Tom Kevern.

Airport officials say clearing snow is one task but trying to remove ice typically proves more challenging. During a press conference this week, Robert Kennedy, Director of Hopkins International Airport said they opened a new facility late last year that stores snow equipment, in addition to allowing tools and machinery to be checked and readied for bad weather.

"It's a very dangerous job to work -- driving at an airport around an aircraft moving machinery; we want to make sure everyone is safe," said Robert Kennedy with Hopkins International Airport during a Thursday press conference.

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