Homes in Conneaut damaged by weight of heavy falling icicles

CONNEAUT, Ohio - A winter storm warning in effect for Ashtabula County from noon Friday to Saturday morning comes as especially unwelcome news in Conneaut, after massive falling icicles damaged homes and apartments.

"They were beautiful. They were all the way down to the ground and I definitely didn't expect this to happen," said Erin Hills, checking the destruction to her apartment.

Nearly every apartment at Glenhaven Estates was ruined in some way by icicles. Some weigh at least a couple hundred pounds.

Several windows are boarded and others still shattered. That's in addition to awnings propped up by pieces of wood and gutters ripped from the roof after heavy snow turned to ice fell this week. Jen Schlick was surveying the damage to her daughter's home while her young granddaughter played in the snow.

"She was in her playroom the other day, and ice came down and broke the window to her playroom on the other side," Schlick said.

The Conneaut Fire Department said in the past 24 hours it's responded to nearly 50 calls, many related to falling icicles. No injuries were reported.