Cleveland Metroparks Zoo announces names for 3 otter pups

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo has announced the names for its three otter brothers.

They are Adhi, Bejo and Cipto. Adhi means ‘first,’ Bejo means ‘lucky,’ and Cipto means ‘create.’

The otter pups were born on Sept. 24 to parents Bitzy and Kibble. The zoo now has seven otters.

Zoo visitors were given the chance to visit the Asian small-clawed otter family on the second floor of The RainForest – and, with a donation towards the Future for Wildlife Fund, cast a vote to name the brothers.

Voting was narrowed down to three groups of names before the final decision:

· Taro: first born
· Keji: second born
· Saburo: third born

· Adhi: first
· Bejo: lucky
· Cipto: to create

· Mulia: noble
· Eko: first child
· Rojo: king

Asian small-clawed otters are one of the smallest species of otter. The International Union for Conservation in Nature considers them a vulnerable species and the Species Survival Plan Program manages their population in zoos.

More info on the pups, here.