Cleveland homeowner wants guardrails installed after third crash into home

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CLEVELAND - A Cleveland homeowner is pleading for the city to install guardrails in front of his Ashbury Avenue home after a vehicle crashed into it overnight for the third time in as many years.

Alvin McClanahan said he and his wife were jolted awake when an SUV plowed into his front porch around 3:30 a.m. Monday.

The stolen vehicle slid through the icy intersection of Ashbury Avenue and East 110th Street, according to investigators.

McClanahan said he saw the driver, who was wearing a hoodie, run away from the Cadillac Escalade before it caught on fire. A contractor estimated repairs would cost $15,000 to $20,000 and would have been much worse had the porch not been concrete.

“All of a sudden the truck went ‘boom,’ then it went ‘boom’ again, and I'm just looking up I'm like, ‘Oh, man!” McClanahan said. “My concern was that my house is about to be burnt up.”

He said it marks the third time a vehicle has crashed in his yard since 2015, calling the intersection in front of the home ‘dangerous.’ McClanahan said he has asked the City of Cleveland to re-install guardrails along the road that he thinks can prevent more crashes. He said there used to be a traffic signal at the intersection as well.

“The guardrails probably could've prevented this,” he said. “It's about safety. That's the whole thing with me and my family in this house. It's about our safety.”

McClanahan said he placed rocks along the edge of the road to try to prevent crashes, but the SUV missed them.

He said Councilman Kevin Conwell visited the home after the crash Monday, and McClanahan hoped he might be able to assist in fixing the problem.

The suspect remains at large, according to police.

A spokesperson for the City of Cleveland said the city will consider making changes to improve safety at the intersection of Ashbury and East 110th Street.

“The guidance for emplacement of barriers in the City of Cleveland is based on Ohio Department of Transportation guide lines which provide stringent parameters for placing barriers at locations where traffic controls already exist, as is the case at this location," Director of Media Relations Dan Williams said in a statement.

"However, given the fact that there have been multiple vehicular accidents at this location the City is considering placing a barrier or other type of control measure as a safety precaution.”

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