Pa. welfare reform package would require all ‘able-bodied’ adults with no dependents to work

PENNSYLVANIA — Lawmakers in Pennsylvania are proposing a 20-bill welfare reform package aimed at lowering an “unsustainable” percentage of the state’s budget.

WGAL reports that Rep. Mike Tobash and Rep. Aaron Kaufer are proposing the package.

“We must ensure a safety net is there for those who truly need it while also restoring the dignity of work. That will help Pennsylvanians realize their potential and achieve their independence,” Kaufer said at a press conference this week.

Under the bills, able-bodied adults with  no dependents would be required to work. Lawmakers say the provision would apply to more than half of those who receive state benefits. They would also establish limits on how long residents could stay on certain benefit programs, WGAL reports.

WGAL reports that nearly 3.2 million people in Pennsylvania receive some type of public benefit from the state.

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